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Injustice: Gods Among Us-by Raphael

Posted by [email protected] on September 25, 2013 at 9:10 AM

                                                                                    Injustice: Gods Among Us
You must have played fighting games like,Street fighter,tekken and Mortal kombat these were very popular games.But when it comes to a fight between superman and batman,the two god like super heroes you look up to the likes of Justice League Task Force and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe these games has done no favors to DC at all.But when it comes to  Injustice: Gods Among Us  the latest fighter from the house of Mortal Kombat, aims to break this combo with a fighting system that builds upon the lessons of MK, while also introducing a few new tricks and these are no tricklike super kick or supe punch like the are super heroes we are talking about people,Super man using his laser eyes,Flash faster than ever.If you are familiar with Mortal Kombat you are going to feel right at home in injustice.Character movement has that same deliberate, staccato style that's distinct from the fighting genre's Japanese-developed counterparts. That style feeds into the satisfying weight and brutality of each attack, whether it's Bane breaking you over his knee or Hawkgirl taking her mace to your face. Controlling these characters feels powerful, and the destruction you bring upon your opponent and the environment add excitement to each fight.

While MK and Injustice have a similar feel, their underlying mechanics are very different. Injustice has three attack buttons and a special trait button. Whether it's flight, healing, or a simple strength boost, these traits are unique to each fighter and play into their particular abilities and histories. The distinctions are clearly apparent, and don't just boil down to slightly altered punches and kicks.

Clashes are another interesting mechanic. When activated, they instantly interrupt a combo, and then both players secretly spend an amount of their super meter. If the fighter who initiated the clash spends more, he regains health proportional to the amount spent; otherwise, he takes damage proportional to what his opponent spent. Clashes can be used only once per round, per character, and only if the initiator is down to his second health bar. The threat of a clash adds an interesting dynamic to the back half of a fight. It forces you to constantly reevaluate how much meter to save and spend based on what your opponent has stored.

And talk about super-attack every character has one,Yes, you heard me right every super-heroes and every super-villain has a ultimate attack and you can also stage objects as weapons,if powerful as super man can throw cars and if weaker than simply use any sign board as a baseball bat to hit an enemy.These attack does not depend on how much power you have got but when do you trigger the attack which the attack should rightly timed and the player should know which object to use its not like you are super man so you can throw a building on your enemy.

The story in Injustice--while grand in scope--is also full of shortcomings. This lengthy tale presents a world where Superman has reached his limit after being tricked into murdering his pregnant wife and unborn child, thereby triggering a nuclear bomb--which was linked to Lois' heartbeat--in the center of Metropolis. It is a premise so ridiculous it borders on parody, but it's presented in all seriousness. The cracks quickly begin to show as this narrative labors under the weight of finding new reasons for characters to stand around punching each other. By the end, you're left wondering how the game could treat this cornball story with such unblinking reverence.

If you are new then you will find the injustic's educational options dissapointingly sparse.The tutorials runs the first time fighters only through basic trainings mean you have to find your own way to the top. The S.T.A.R. Labs missions, Injustice's version of MK's challenge tower, offer some character-specific instruction, but are more of an enjoyable distraction than a way to prepare for real combat.

Online, Injustice offers the basics of player and ranked matches, along with the option to practice online with a friend. Player match options let you fight one-on-one, in a king-of-the-hill style or a survival mode. Unfortunately, replay support is a glaring omission. While players in the same lobby can spectate matches, there is no way to record and replay other fights. Replays can offer fantastic insight for players of all skill levels on how to play their favorite fighters, but their absence further compounds Injustice's educational deficiencies. Matches against opponents within a three- or four-bar connection range run without serious delay. However, falling below this connection range can cause some noticeable lag between inputting a command and having it appear in the game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a hard-hitting fighter that plays to the hardcore crowd. Its creative use of background objects coupled with satisfying fighting mechanics make it both fun and distinct from it contemporaries. But for newer players, the minimal instruction modes and disappointing story provide little incentive for your sustained interest. And the absence of replay support is a loss for everyone involved. Injustice is an enjoyable fighter but as a whole, the package is found wanting.

Crazy specials;great feature set;awesome story mode.
Looks bland;netcode is potentially shaky.


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