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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag-Preview By RAPHAEL

Posted by [email protected] on September 26, 2013 at 12:15 AM

                                                               Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Taking the Assassin creed Idea and applying it to the Golden-era of pirates.Assassin's Creed IV put you in the shoes of a pirate trained by the Assassins Edward kenway father of Haytham kenway and Grandfather of Connor kenway(Ratonhnhaké:ton) and his ship The Jackdaw.

"He's a fearsome dog that feeds off trouble and turmoil... I've seen him clear the deck of a Spanish galleon like it were nothing. Fighting like a devil, dressed as a man."

―Blackbeard speaking of Edward Kenway

Edward joined the British Royal Navy early in his life and, once accepted, found himself stationed in the West Indies. However, a quick end to the war and the promise of gold, glory and fame eventually seduced him into a life of piracy; it was during this quest that Edward first encountered the Assassin Order, and became embroiled in their struggle.

This time the naval battle are amplified,how you ask?.Well you can let go off the wheel anywhere inthe middle of the sea jump where ever you want go where ever you want.Find treasures,hunt sharks or plunder ships for rums and many valuables.And the new under water treasure hunt experience will be very wonderful and you can also make your own fleet by plundering ships you have a choices to make like take the crew members of this ship or send this ship to your fleet.

Black Flag doesn’t have a single landmass, however: it has an archipelago, and rather than swinging through foliage or galloping on horseback, this is a place you explore from behind a ship’s wheel. The Jackdaw, Edward’s vessel, lies at the very heart of Black Flag, and you’ll use her to voyage around the 50-something unique locations that make up Ubisoft’s Caribbean.“It’ll be the most different Assassin’s Creed game in terms of world structure,” says creative director Jean Guesden. “We’re not dealing with a few large maps, but with one gigantic hub. You can go wherever you want with your ship and explore these locations.” He goes on to promise a sprawling list of environments: “There’s our cities: Havana, Kingston, Nassau. There’s fresh settings, like the fisherman’s villages; there’s plantations obviously, they were a reality of that time. There’s hidden coves with treasure, jungles, Mayan ruins, and obviously a lot of tropical islands – we’re in the Caribbean.”

Don’t expect to sail around the West Indies unaccosted, however, like some pensioner on a cruise. Rival pirates, not to mention the British, French and Spanish navies, will be patrolling the waters. These serve as organic barriers to your exploration of the islands: the plunder you take from defeated foes can be used to upgrade the Jackdaw and enable you to take on tougher opponents. “This big loop… this is how we want players to see the world and progress through it,” says game designer Ashraf Ismail.

Assassin’s Creed III’s naval battle system managed to convey a surprising amount of weight and drama despite its relatively simple mechanics. Black Flag will add all sorts of rigging to that fine vessel. “Game progression is something we’ve worked on a lot,” says Ashraf. “Traditionally in Assassin’s Creed the enemies were human, and so it’s actually very hard to give challenging progression. But because ships are inanimate, we can always have more cannons, more hull for defence, new abilities.

“Plunder you take from defeated foes can be used to upgrade the Jackdaw"

One of the many feature added by ubisoft is Free aim system rather than automatically AI selected targets now,you can use free aim to hit you enemy directly on the head or incapacitate them by shooting them on the leg or disarm them by shooting on the arm.and if you are a cowardl\ily one you can use free aim to shoot you enemy from the safety from your ship.

And as most of the Assassin's creed series this game will also be based on the historical facts about the pirates and the Caribbean.

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